3d collaged bird

Collaging in 3D

Some of my earliest collage artwork using recycled materials included an old television set to show three of the Star Wars Droids.  This was put on display at several of my art exhibitions and most recently at the MK Calling event at Milton Keynes in 2019-20.  It was part of a series where I had also collaged a Star Wars scene on canvas.

Also on display at the Milton Keynes exhibition was a chair that I had collaged with discarded scratch cards. It had been originally fly-tipped in a Sussex woodland and later given to me by the Revd. Peter Owen Jones, the minister I know in Firle (photographed here with me the day he told me all about the chair). With its new seat cover and a glossy coating on its wooden surface, it was given a new lease of life.  I am hoping to take this chair back to Sussex for my next exhibition at Farleys House and Gallery.

I also collaged onto a wooden surface when I gave a scratch card roof with a thatched look to a decorative bird table I had made.  It created an eye-catching display, intended more for inside use in a conservatory than for outdoors.

When I collage model birds such as this thrush, they link well with the bird table.

3D Collaged Bird

Some of my latest projects have involved artwork carried out directly onto old mobile phones from which recyclable components have been removed.   I then cover the complete screen with one of my scenes.  It’s not a quick method but the process using very small pieces appeals to me and it’s quite therapeutic collaging a very detailed picture on a small scale. Fashion is not something I had ever considered I would be following.  However, I once collaged a pair of unwanted and unworn high-heeled shoes and was able to transform them into a glittering designer style for Ladies Day at the races!   I am sure that I could do this again for any Cinderella who would love to wear something quite unique to the Ball!

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