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Caudwell Children

I am pleased that The Caudwell Children’s Charity have written the following information about the artwork project I am working on for them to raise funds for their charity.

Caudwell Children Logo
Caudwell Children Logo

James has been working extremely hard over the last few months on a major new commission for leading UK children’s charity – Caudwell Children – which is currently celebrating its anniversary.

Since 2000, Caudwell Children has supported more than 50,000 children with 653 different conditions. In fact, when James was 5, he attended one of the charity’s events in Brighton, partly inspiring him to pursue his passion for nature and art. So both the artist and the charity have a long shared history together.

The charity is delighted to be collaborating with James on an ambitious, multi-canvas artwork that will commemorate the entire history of the charity from 2000-2020. James’ artwork is expected to be publicly unveiled for the first time at one of the charity’s main fundraising events in 2021.

“When James presented his initial design concept we were extremely excited by its potential to visually depict our twenty-year history” comments Mark Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications at Caudwell Children.

“As the project has gone on, James has sent us regular progress reports. The standard and quality of James’ work has surpassed all our expectations. We are thrilled and amazed by what he has achieved and cannot wait to see the finished pieces! We plan to showcase the artwork and introduce James to our key stakeholders at a future fundraising event in 2021.”

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