Benefits of Art

I have always found my form of collage art very therapeutic. The starting process of colour sorting the recycled materials is relaxing and this continues through to the cutting and tearing stages. The different steps involved in creating my mosaic-style of art keep me motivated as I am recycling single-use materials.

Visitors to my exhibitions make very positive comments and it has been said that it is an innovative way of working. I’m glad to hear that my collages help people feel inspired and enthusiastic about environmental art.

I’ve also seen the benefits of art for my grandmother, who has dementia. She enjoys looking at my sketch books as well as the finished collages. Sometimes she comes along with me to my exhibitions and also keeps herself busy with her own form of art therapy. She likes her colouring books!


The Forget-Me-Not badge I am wearing in the photograph below is to show my support for the Alzheimer’s Society.

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