Forces of Nature

Even though my art always begins on the kitchen table, it has taken me on quite a journey these past 5 years.

Working on my latest collage.

My first art exhibition when I was aged 15 was with the National Trust in North Yorkshire.  There have been more exhibitions since then in the north and also further afield in Swansea, Milton Keynes and East Sussex.

I have enjoyed entering art and photography competitions and feel thrilled when I’m successful.

This won first prize in a local competition:

However, this wasn’t a successful entry in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Competition.

In the latest “Forces of Nature” Tour Art competition 2021 organised by Glyndebourne, I am delighted to say that I heard only yesterday that I have been shortlisted with my “Woodland Walk” collage as shown below.


Woodland Walk

My fingers are crossed for when the winner will be announced in October!

I have 4 journeys planned in the near future.  First will be a short visit to the Caudwell International Children’s Centre at Keele in Staffordshire to deliver the artwork they commissioned.  This is one of the canvases I will be handing over:

The second journey is to take my grandmother to Plymouth where she will be visiting her old school, which she left 71 years ago.  They are delighted to have made contact with her and pleased with the information she has been able to provide when she was a pupil there in the 1940s.

A visit will be made to the Alzheimer’s Society as I recently supported their Forget-Me-Not campaign when I wore their badge at my latest From Waste To Wall art exhibition in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Swaledale Festival, Richmond

I am also looking forward to visiting the Reuben Lenkiewicz Art Gallery as I researched the work of his late father, Robert Lenkiewicz when I was at Bradford School of Art: 


The third journey will be to Birmingham later in August where a meeting has been arranged to meet other ambassadors of the Tree Council to discuss their Force for Nature campaign.


The fourth journey will be in late November to London where I have been invited to the Caudwell Children’s Charity Butterfly Ball event.


So much time has been spent at home due to Covid that I am pleased to move away from the kitchen table.  My art is clearly taking me in new directions!

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